GeoPressure e-training

e-learning Course

This E-Learning Course is designed to run using MS TEAMS or other. It comprises three hour sessions that can be delivered on subsequent days or split to fit the time constraints of individual operators and staff.

The course is aimed at geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicisits, geomechanics specialists, basin modellers, operations and drilling teams.

This course has been run successfully in UK, Norway, Malaysia and Perth recently.

The value-added is getting all teams (G&G, operations and Drilling) in the same virtual room.

Each Session is designed be stand-alone.

For a more detailed breakdown of each session please contact us on

  • How to interpret wireline formation test data in a reservoir.
  • How to derive a realistic overburden model.
  • How to interpret pore pressure in shales.
  • How to understand which processes are generating pore pressure in a basin.
  • How to derive a fracture gradient to aid definition of the mud window.
  • How to calculate seal capacity in a trap.
  • How to map overpressure and identify an active aquifer.
  • How to determine reservoir and overburden stresses, their magnitudes and orientation.
  • How to determine rock strength on core and how strength can be predicted in the overburden and in un-cored intervals.
  • What data are required to build and calibrate geomechanical models.
  • About sand failure and wellbore stability modelling.