GeoPressure Oilfield Cycle

Drilling: Aim is to reach technical objectives whilst drilling safely and to a budget.

Pressure informs:

  • Drilling window: casing design, mud-weight programme, rock strength (fracture pressure).
  • Kick risks.
  • Well placement (i.e. fluid contacts).
  • Minimises downtime through pressure ‘surprises’ and in worst cases inability to complete.





Global GeoPressure Advice Services:

Well Planning

  • Analysis of offset wells.
  • Pore Pressure prediction from logs, seismic Vint and geological modelling.
  • Low, Expected and High Case outputs at prospect.
  • Pore Pressure, Fracture Pressure, Overburden Pressure.

Post-Drill Analysis

  • What happened in recently drilled wells?
  • Were the pressures different to expected, and why?
  • What can be learned?
Edwards and O’Connor 2015

Edwards and O’Connor 2015.