GeoPressure Consultancy Service

For Exploration, Asset, Production and Development Teams

Welcome to Global Geopressure Advice

Combining basin studies, sedimentology, structural geology, drilling and geomechanics to provide an integrated, holistic service to determine the affects of geopressure as a tool for risking and safe well drilling.

Understanding GeoPressure

  • Assessing a basin for prospectivity
  • Risking a prospect
  • Preparing to drill
  • Assessing fluid distributions for an appraisal well program
  • Developing and producing existing accumulations

Our Services

Basin Analysis & De-risking

Basin analysis - What is possible and what is probable? Assessing mechanical seal breach and fault leakage - How Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) models and pressure affects the interpretation if litho lift and fluids - Using geological models and analogues to reduce uncertainty in wildcat drilling - Quantifying the effects of secondary overpressure mechanisms.

Well Planning

PP/FG interpretation based on drilling, log and seismic data - both high end/high-value peer-review of existing profiles or new independent interpretation.

Post Mortem

Could we have done anything better? Discussions involving both G&G and drilling teams.

Appraisal Well Drilling

Overpressure mapping to understand reservoir connectivity - Identification of fluid distributions as controlled by static or hydrodynamic spill points.

Field Production & Development

Overburden management for development drilling - Predicting sweet spot location in GeoPressured resource plays.